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Friday, November 26, 2010

As a conclusion, this assignment give me an idea to teach my students how to avoid misconception about the capacity that may arise among the students while teaching Volume Of  Liquid especially when comparing capacity of two containers that can hold more. More than that, as a teacher we should help them to more understand about make comparison of the liquid capacity rather than its height. By show them the real situation about comparing the capacity of two containers the will able to understand and memorize it.
As an educator, we should find the suitable method or activities that we can help them overcome the problem. Sometime during our teaching and learning process we unable to detech their problem. We thought they understand and get the right concept about the volume of liquid especially during comparing the two container that can hold more but when we just can detect after we give them multitype of question that they need to thing.
Moreover, teacher should ready not only the lesson plan, activities to be done in class but they also should ready with multiple types of questions that can test our pupils concept. The questions also should be suitable for the pupils level whether they are low or high achiever.
Beside that, our education perspective also change time by time. Today teaching and learning activities also change from traditional chalk-and-talk to the constructivist approach. Contructivist approach provides teachers insight concerning how children learn mathematics. The role of teachers as facilitators. They should be able to facilitate the pupils rather than as the sole information-giver.
Last but not least, every teacher should ready and able to gain new knowledge or approach to make our classroom not only fun but pupils enjoys to accept the concept that we taught.
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